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Ethan Le 9 days new

Ethan turns ONE tomorrow!  I can not quite believe it and I am sure his parents can’t either.  Here is Mr littLE, given the cutest nickname by his parents in utero in honour of his family name.  (also known as a cheeky monkey too) Ethan sure lived up to the title entering the world just after midnight weighing 2.85kg.  Lai-Wan & Phu had some pregnancy portraits done (see them here) ,then just under 3 weeks later I had lunch with Lai-Wan, she also attended dinner with friends that evening about 7pm in the early stage of labour and then Ethan was here.  Amazing!!  As most parents know the first year is a roller coaster and Lai-Wan & Phu have been amazing parents throughout.  Ethan is a super special little guy and I am so thrilled to think that my son will call him a friend always too.







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